Artist/ Band: Poor Genetic Material
Title: Spring Tidings
Label: QuiXote Records
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

In 2004, I had the pleasure of reviewing Por Genetic Materialís last two studio albums, Leap Into Fall in (2002) and Winter's Edge (2003 and now in 2006 the band released Spring Tidings. The band seems to have a ongoing title theme based in the four seasons. Each of the albums are slightly different sounding than the previous ones but all with a very moving, melodic and sometimes powerful sounding music.

The direction of the band changed when Philip Griffiths (Alias Eye) joined on vocals for Leap Into Fall. PGM started out as a ambient style instrumental band but now their music is more for those who enjoy the more progressive material of Hogarth led Marillion, Carptree, Alias Eye and fellow Germans Sylvan to name a few.

Just like the previous two albums, this is a album that is best listened to in itís entirety to fully appreciate itís beauty. Every song on Spring Tidings is top-notch and memorable from the get go to the end, so i can't pick a stand-out or favorite track.

Okay I donít normally say this, but fans of the more melodic progressive rock really need to check Poor Genetic Material out now and Spring Tidings is best starting point with them. Once you hear it, Iím sure youíll be wanting to collection the rest of their albums instantly.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on June 15th, 2006


1. Three Steps Back ...
2. Blow-Up
3. April
4. Watercolours
5. Tidings
6. La Ville Qui N'existait Pas
7. Lotus-Eaters
8. ... or Right Ahead

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