Artist: Poor Gentic Material
Title: Leap Into Fall
Produced by:
Label/ Date: QuiXote Records/ 2002
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1. Rush of Ages
2. Thin Red Line
3. Star of Eden
4. Leap Into Fall
5. Antares
6. Fall

The Review:

Poor Genetic Material consists of Philip Griffiths (son of Beggars Opera vocalist Martin Griffiths) on vocals; Stefan Glomb on guitars; Philipp Jaehne on keyboards; Dennis Sturm doing bass; and Ludwig Benedek pounding the drums. They’re boasted as the more experimental side of the band, Alias Eye even though with Philip’s vocal sound makes you almost think of PGM as a light version of Alias Eye. Personally both bands have their own identity aside from the vocals.

Leap Into Fall is the second vocal based release. I reviewed their latest Winter’s Edge so it was a pleasant surprise to hear some of where their sounds originated. Musically they combine spacey ambient, slight electronia with symphonic progressive rock thus producing a very beautiful melodic peice of work. If you enjoy something on the mellow side of prog, try PGM out.

Reviewed By Ron Fuchs on April 13th, 2004

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