Artist: Poor Genetic Material

Title: Winter's Edge

Produced by: Poor Genetic Material

Label/ Date: QuiXote Music/ 2003

offical Poor Gentic Material website


1. Sharp Bends Sudden Crests [6:12]
2. Whitescape [9:06]
3. Hugging Horses [7:54]
4. Protean Profile [6:25]
5. Winter's Edge, part 1 [11:17]
6. Nuage Bleu [5:48]
7. Winter's Edge, part 2 [3:20]

The Review:

This German group, Poor Genetic Material, although new to me, has a familiar vocal sound, that of Phillip Griffiths (Alais Eye). According to their website, this is the third CD to contain vocals as the previous ones were instrumental ambient offerings. They describe their vocal based msuic as Artrock rather than Progressive. Either way they have a very beautiful and lush sound. A nice contrast to Phillips other band. The music contained on this disc is chock full of both commercial, almost Neo-prog and a classic form of the 70's style melodic vocal sections in between lengthy instrumental sections.

Here is yet another overlooked gem of 2003, which is very unfortunate because they do a very good job of blending modern and classic forms of music with being labelled “retro” or “neo”. These guys are Artrock through and through. I’ll have to dive into their previous releases now.

In conclusion, this is a very highly recommended release of 2003. Please go buy it now, you won’t regret it!

reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 3rd, 2004

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