Artist/ Band: Pig farm on the Moon
Title: Orbital
Label: Musical Mind
Year of Release: 2002

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The Review:

I was fortunate enough to talk to Elliot Levy (Executive producer) and he allowed me to hear some of his labelís music on his iPod. The first track was of Pig Farm on the Moon. I was really enjoying this and he gave me a copy of Orbital to review. Orbital is one of those cds that needs to be promoted. The reason? Well it combines old and new progressive styles. It even touches some prog-metal in parts, but never enough to be classified in that genre. The artwork on the cover was done by Michael Bennet, who has done artwork for Cast, Scott McGill, Triggering Myth, NEARfest and ProgDay.

Throughout Orbital there are references to more known progressive rock music. They wear their influences, such as Marillion, IQ, Spockís Beard, Dream Theater (new bands) and Genesis, ELP and Pink Floyd (older bands), on their sleeves but never do they come off as a clone of any of these bands. I just used those as a reference point to help describe their music. Pig Farm On The Moon Orbital is on my MUST HAVE list. And should be on yours!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 23rd, 2004


1. Awaken From Reality
2. Genesis
3. I Lost My Wings
4. The Queen Maibe
5. The Return of the Rain

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