Artist: Penny Nation (Blumpkin Nation)

Title: Invisible Movie SOundtrack

Produced by:

Label/ Date: Blumpkin Nation/ 2001


1. North Suck 3
2. She Sings To Me
3. Mr. Rogers
4. Darwin
5. Jim's Truck
6. Damn Allright
7. Down Town
8. EZ Girl
9. Denji
10. Disappear
11. Green Song #5
12. Gan
13. Pramahna
14. I Don't Wanna
15. Evanz
16. Waterfolk
17. Daneloo
18. Flute Stretch
19. Lake
20-49. ? ? ?
50. Niceday (wakin up)
Bonus Tracks
51. Darwin (instrumental)
52. She Sings To Me (instrumental)
53. I Don't Wanna (instrumental)
54. EZ girl (instrumental)
55. Green Song #5 (instrumental)
56. Lake (instrumental)

The Review:

Penny Nation delivers the good on “The Invisible Movie Soundtrack” with it’s diverse and beautiful genre bending release. One can only imagine what type of movie would this be a soundtrack for. I can gather it’s about relationships amongst people, whether it be happy, sad, exciting, romantic. Each song has expresses different emotions or moods by which these talented musicians show the music world you can be artistic while still having memorable music.

Not to take away from the musicianship, but the female vocals are by far the highlight of “The Invisible Movie Soundtrack”. I don’t have a favorite track, mostly due to the the way the tracks run into another. This is a CD that should be listened from beginning to end.

The packaging looks rather amateurish but once you look past that you’ll see that Penny Nation has covered all styles of music styles including everything from soul to jazz to electronica, r&b, hard rock, progressive rock and beyond. This is truly pure “progressive”bliss! Something to share with friends and family, especially those that don’t “get” the progressive rock genre.

~Ron for [December 17th, 2003]

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