Artist/ Band: PDG
Title: Less is more/Trop c'comme pas
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

PDG (the first initials of the band members last names) is a Canadian band that was just recently formed (March 2006). The band is comprised of Maryse Pepin on keyboards, Big Bass Pat Duquette on bass, and Daniel Giguere on drums. They independently released their debut album., Less Is More/Trop C'Comme Pas Assez. Musically the album is hard to describe because they incorporate so many different styles in the music such as fusion, classical music, Latin music, melodies from the Orient, metal, electronic, ambient, and so much more. Some how they utilize all these influences and create something fresh sounding while having a familiarity about it.

After several spins of this CD, Iíve found it to be very light-hearted and fun each time I listen to the music. Another word Iíd use to describe PDG is quirky. I like how they think outside the box with the influences I mentioned above. They have a knack for not getting too adventurous whereas to limit what types of music fans they could attract. I do feel the band has a lot of potential and might be in the vocabulary of progressive music fans worldwide. I would recommend this to open minded people that need their music to be adventurous yet accessible. Iím sure the best is yet to come from PDG.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on July 10th , 2007


1. Riffs a vendre (4:18)
2. Funky D (4:15)
3. Les Genisseurs (5:38)
4. Odd to Bob (1:34)
5. Cup and Pace Partie 1 (3:18)
6. Attention aux demons (2:08)
7. Cup and Pace Partie 2 (3:43)
8. Spyder (5:19)
9. DíOeil (4:43)
10. Psychose (3:22)
11. Never Car and Tea Tree (4:12)
12. Vingt de Cedres (8:51)
13. La Premiere #1 (4:29)
14. LíAvant Premiere (2:48)

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