Artist/ Band: Pablo Sangineto
Title: Constelaciones
Label: Viajero Inmovil/ Union De Musicos Independentes
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

Pablo Sangineto was the keyboardist for Omnia, progressive rock band from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Omnia has two full-length releases, "Ultimo Generador de Equilibrio" (2000) and "Hormonal". Now no longer with Omnia, "Constelaciones" (Constellations) is his first solo work.

"Constelaciones" (Constellations) is a collection of twelve piano solos, all simply numbered as parts, played without accompaniment, except for two which feature flutist, Rodrigo Sokolsky (Parts VI & VII). This primarily a classical based album with some new-age and soft jazz style piano playing throughout. There is no signs of bombastic music here. Itís recommended for fans of solo piano (and flute) as well as quiet contemplative music.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 18th, 2005


1. Constelaciones I (4:00)
2. Constelaciones II (2:28)
3. Constelaciones III (8:36)
4. Constelaciones IV (5:26)
5. Constelaciones V (7:25)
6. Constelaciones VI (2:23)
7. Constelaciones VII (1:37)
8. Constelaciones VIII (1:20)
9. Constelaciones IX (1:57)
10. Constelaciones X (1:48)
11. Constelaciones XI (4:24)
12. Constelaciones XII (4:37)

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