Artist/ Band: Oxygene 8
Title: Freak of Chance
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

I was presented the new Oxygene8 album ‘Freak of Chance’ by Linda Cushma (Chapman Stick and vocals) at BajaProg 2007. She was performing with her other band Ezoo and was very generous & gracious in handing me a copy.

It’s been about 4 years has passed since the last album “Poetica” and lots have changed. The result is Freak of Chance an EP which Linda told me this album was an experiment on the addition of more vocal based songs, unlike the previous album. The sounds blend the complex nature of progressive rock with an accessible side that would appeal even to those non-prog fans.

One band that I’m reminded of is Sundays All Over The World. Linda approaches vocals much in the way Toyah does. The only difference between the previous album and this one is there’s more of a modern rock element. In many ways this could be a precursor of things to come for Oxygene8.

Joining her is Primus’ drummer, Tim Alexander once again. Tim was on the previous album, Poetica, which I reviewed. Linda managed to get Tony Levin to play bass on opening track “Close Your Eyes,” Other musicians on the album include drummer Kiko King (Cast, Ezoo), guitarists Claudio Cordero and Federico Miranda and Argentinean stick player, Guillermo Cides.

Ending the album is Poetica reprise where all the musicians add their trademark sound to this very tribal sounding ending track. Freak of Chance is a must have for fans of 80‘s Crimson and Sundays All Over The World. I’d even say this is a very recommended album for 2007!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on June 1st, 2007


1. Close Your Eyes
2. No Different But Not The Same
3. Don't look Down
4. Freak Of Chance
5. Poetica reprise

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