Artist/ Band: O.S.I.
Title: RE: Free
Label: InsideOut Music
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Admittedly, I have not heard much of the original recordings by OSI (otherwise named Office of Strategic Influences). I am certainly familiar with the other bands that are represented by the two members of this “Supergroup.” They are Jim Matheos from Fates Warning and Kevin Moore from Chroma Key. Kevin’s ex-band mate from Dream Theater Mike Portnoy plays drums with OSI on their CDs as well, and this recording has Joey Vera (also from Fates Warning) on bass.

There is a video of the title song from their second CD Free, which this EP has mixes from. This song is what I expected from this group: mesmerizing keyboard structures and in-your-face guitars. These remixes, however, are much more Electronica and recall Kevin’s excellent Chroma Key recordings.

There are only three songs and the one video on this disc. The remix of “Go” was provided by Martin Gretschmann, AKA Console, keyboardist and programmer of Notwist. The other two are by Kevin Moore himself. These remixes are mostly long extended versions with trance-like instrumental passages focusing on the synthesizers and electronic beats. I have to wonder, where’s Matheos’ crunchy electric guitar? It’s mostly missing from this recording.

If you enjoy the driving & pulsating rhythms of Kevin Moore’s solo and Chroma Key output, you will love this remix EP. It has that ominous keyboard groove and memorable melodies with laidback singing Kevin is known for. If you were expecting something a little more metal oriented because of Jim Matheos and Mike Portnoy’s involvement, you may be disappointed. If you “get” Chroma Key, this is an excellent piece.

Reviewed by Terry Jackson on April 20th, 2007


1. Go (Console remix)
2. Kicking (Kevin Moore remix)
3. Home Was Good (Kevin Moore remix)
4. Free (video)

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