Artist: Orion Riders

Title: A New Dawn

Produced by: Orion Riders

Label/ Date: Lion Music/ 2003

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1. In Memory
2. Whispers
3. A New Dawn
4. Leave The Shades Behind
5. Lacrimae Angeli
6. Light And Dark
7. Life's Best Days
8. Nocturne
9. Old Symphony

The Review:

Orion Riders combines many styles from the metal genre to produce a very good debut. Although this isnít the style of music I normally listen to I really enjoyed it. So if you like neo-classical metal fused with progressive metal than Orion Riders is the band for you! Bands that come to mind, for comparison sake are Helloween, Stratovarious and early Queensryche. And for you orchestral lovers, there are some wonderful piano passages played over cellos. Throughout A New Dawn, thereís rich, varied sounds, orchestral passages, choirs, tight progressive metal arrangements ,plus a vocalist with a range and power that is so fitting for this brand of metal. Much to my surprise, there are trumpets and violins too, along with some excellent dual guitar work, sweeping keyboards, blistering guitar solos, and lyrics that are actually not on the cheese factor usually found in this genre.

Everything on A New Dawn. Has been heard all before but it is a beautifully produced body of work. Kudos to Orion Riders and double kudos to Lion Music for releasing this. So if this sounds good to you, then go to your favorite vendor and pick up a copy today. Hey even if itís not, try it. It is surprisingly good. Take it from one that isnít a fan of this genre. It is good!

~Ron for [March 17th, 2004]

Band Members:

Joe Lombardo - Vocals
Antonello Condorelli, Riccardo Failla - Guitars
Carmelo Sircausa - Bass
Tony Zappa - Drums, Synthesizers

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