Artist: Omni
Title: Paint By Numbers
Producted by: Ronan Chris Murphy & Omni
Label/ Date: Self release 2002
Link: Official Website

The Review:

Omni is a power trio based in the Seattle area who love creating and exploring the boundaries of modern rock music. Combining both art-rock and a "nu-metal" instrumentation, Omni shows off that even mainstream can be interesting again. Musically they show their influences without becoming a "clone". Such influences are King Crimson, Primus, Tool, Radiohead, the Police and Faith No More.

Vocalist/ Guitarist Hans Twite provides the melody and power of the band with both a memorable, powerful yet "old" voice along with his amazing axe-work. Chris Cullman and Will Andrews are the rhythm section and provide the backbone of the group. Also Chris' usage of a Chapman Stick, which is usually unheard of in a modern rock band. Chris utilizes this instrument to give another dimension to their music.

This will appeal to fans of heavy rock as well as the art-rock genre. There's nothing new just a different approach which may show the mainstream world there's more to rock 'n roll than 3 chords. Another highly recommended release from 2002!

~Ron for [January 31st, 2003]

Review Discography

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1. Paint By Numbers
2 very Day
3. Porcelain
4. C
5. Inward
6. Capture
7. Release
8. Soliloquy

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