Artist/ Band: Old Man's Child
Title: Vermin
Label: Century Media
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

“Old Man’s Child” is a black metal band from Norway and is formed of two members (at least for the album “Vermin”): Galder (guitarist for Dimmu Borgir whose real name is Thomas Rune Andersen) and drummer Reno H. Killerich (ex-Dimmu Borgir, but he’s not “really” a member of the band “OMC”, he simply did session drums for this album).

Galder founded the band in 1993 with Jardar (guitarist) and Tjodalv (ex-drummer also for Dimmu Borgir) and all through this time, the line-up kept changing a bit. But for “Vermin”, he produced almost the whole work himself from all the lyrics writing and music composing till all the singing and guitars, bass and keyboards playing !!! A lot of work for an album of approximately 37 minutes and it’s quite amazing to see such result with only two musicians. “Old Man’s Child” put out 5 other albums and one demo between 1994 and 2005.

I must admit that I’m not a big lover or fan of that musical type in general (especially because of the vocals) but “Vermin” really offers brilliant music all through the album ! I think the best song is “Enslaved and Condemned” for the awesome keys and solo. Same thing for “In Torment’s Orbit” (second best one in my opinion) and “Twilight Damnation”. I really enjoyed the keys (very strong point of the album) in “Black Marvels of Death” while “…As Evil Descends” is an amazing instrumental piece, perfect to close the album. Basically, it’s quite dark and melodic…just as you’ll want it !

I would not say that “Vermin” is really my kind of album and I would probably not listen to it endlessly, but musically it’s still very good and I’m sure that fans of “Cradle of Filth” and “Dimmu Borgir” will love it.

Reviewed by Vikie Martel on June 8th, 2006


1- Enslaved and Condemned
2- The Plague of Sorrow
3- War of Fidelity
4- In Torment’s Orbit
5- Lord of Command [Bringer of Hate]
6- The Flames of Deceit
7- Black Marvels of Death
8- Twilight Damnation
9- …As Evil Descends

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