Artist/ Band: n.o.t.e.
Title: Fall To Earth
Label: Direct Digital Music
Year of Release: 2004
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The Review:

Over the years Iíve been getting quite a few unknown bands submitting their CDs for reviews. Some are really good while others are, well you get the picture. When I was sent a cd by a band called n.o.t.e., which is also the name of the main player of the band, I found it to be one of the really good ones.

In fact I really like the approach the band takes with itís hard to classify style. Most of the music on Fall To Earth has a 70's art rock vibe to it going from slow and moody to some cool energetic and atmospheric songs. Two of the songs are instrumental, Sweet Sarah and Atlantis. Of all songs I find myself liking the energetic Android and All Youíve Got, the most.

Joining to help flesh out the songs is another musician named elohlian on several songs. The band states theyíre often compared to Peter Gabriel and Radiohead. Thatís partially true on the music side. You might even add a similarity to a Canadian band Wilton Said. While the vocals on Wilton Said reminded me of the U.K. band, Twelfth Night, n.o.t.e..ís reminds me of IQís two vocalists.

If you find yourself looking for something other than the usual suspects in the progressive and rock genres, then give n.o.t.e. a try. Your ears will thank you, plus I saw the Fall To Earth cd was priced on site for $10. Now you canít go wrong with that. Buy today!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on Novemeber 8th, 2005


1. Look on the Bright Side
2. Fall To Earth
3. Android
4. On Our Way To Hell
5. Beyond Tomorrow
6. Sweet Sarah
7. Our Love
8. All You've Got
9. Atlantis

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