Artist/ Band: Nono Belvis and Kike Sanzol/ M.I.A.
Title: Que Estan Celebrando Los Hombres
Label: Viajero Inmovil Records
Year of Release: 2004 reissue
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The Review:

Here we have a jazz induced release from former members of the Argentinean symphonic rock band M.I.A., Nono Belvis (guitars, vocals) and Kike Sanzol (Percussion, vocals). Im not familiar with M.I.A. but they released three albums in the late 1970s and quietly disappeared.

In the true spirit of a solo release, Nono and Kike wanted to do something different and boy did they. The result is Que Estan Celebrando Los Hombres album, which was originally issued in 1982, and reissued with a full remastering in 2004 by Viajero Inmovil Records.

The music on this cd is basically instrumental jazz based done mostly by drums and acoustic guitars). The music is in a melodic vein up until the second part Lado B where they go in a avant exploratory direction. There are two bonus tracks that are more in vein to the first half of the album. In closing, if your musical tastes lead you to the more difficult based compositions, then this is the release you need in your collection.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on January 11th, 2005


Lado A
1. Lazos Reales (5:47)
2. Blanca Presencia (3:56)
3. Al Acecho (8:07)

Lado B
4. Una Especie De Hueco (5:48)
5. Lengua De Gato (3:54)
6. Cucu (2:44)
7. Que Estan Celebrando Los Hombres (6:11)

8. Minimo De Quietud (6:32) (bonus track)
9. Rumba Rumbe (5:43) (bonus track)

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