Artist/ Band: Noise626
Title: An Infinite Shade of Gray
Label: noise626 Publishing
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

In recent times, Progressive rock has evolved into more that what the Ďclassicí bands gave us over 30 years ago. Now musicians are combining other styles of music outside of Progressive Rock to create a fresh outlook on a genre that always gets an odd look from those with unadventurous closed minds.

I was told by a friend of a band called Noise626 that deserved my listening attention. The name alone conjured up some preconceived thoughts but I tried my best to blocked them until I had a chance to hear the music. Leader and sole musician, Ant Graham sent me Noise626ís third cd 'An Infinite Shade Of Gray'. Any preconceived thoughts were soon washed away when I heard the CD. The music can be best described as both Gothic and Progressive Rock with some electronica and modern rock thrown in. One difference I hear is the primary use of organic instruments as the framework rather than all programmed. To me this gives a warm Ďhumaní feel rather that a cold processed one found by many of todayís bands.

Aside from being the sole musician, Ant provides much of the vocals, which reminds me of a mixture of David Bowie (Berlin-era) and Peter Gabriel (current). Ant is joined on a few tracks by vocalist Megiddeh Goldston, who takes lead on 'Madness And Sublime Rapture'. This happens to be my favorite song on the cd because it combines all of the elements I previously mentioned.

For the prog fans, thereís the epic title track that closes the CD which to is a haunting gothic ambient space piece. Think of a darker version of Pink Floyd with Bowie or Gabriel on lead vocals. I will admit this is CD that requires a few listens before you can fully appreciate itís beauty. So if youíre an open minded must fan, prog or other, this is a must have. Since Iím not familiar with the other two releases, I canít make comparisons but 'An Infinite Shade Of Gray'. is a well produced, well written CD that caught my attention and now it need yours.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on June 1st, 2007


1. Crown
2. The Laughter Never Stops
3. Madness and the Sublime Rapture
4. Ripping
5. I Am Lost As You Are Lost
6. Tsisdu
7. Scarborough Fair
8. An Infinite Shade of Gray

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