Artist/ Band: Nima & Merge
Title: Seperate Worlds
Label: Music Unifier Records
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

I had the pleasure to catch the tale end of Nima & Mergeís set at a local Southern California jazz club in Orange County called Steamers, earlier this year. After I got home that night I quickly emailed the band to express my delight for their music. I was told by Nima that once their new album was released, heíd send me a copy. That album is their second studio release entitled, Separate Worlds.

Nima & Merge are a trio consisting of Nima Rezai (Stick player & composer), Dan Helfin (saxophone) and Brad Ranola (drums). They are joined by many guests musicians to help flesh out the sound. Their sound is basically a mixture of world music, jazz, progressive rock, fusion and rock. Picture a Discipline-era Crimson combined with Mahavishnu Orchestra and you get the framework of the bandís music. Itís so much more and one has to experience the music of Nima & Merge. Another band that comes to mind for comparison sake is Systems Theory.

I must admit that Separate Worlds requires several listens, especially a listener such as myself that is a newbie to the more eclectic side of progressive rock. If this is your thing then due yourself a favor and pick up a copy today.. Oh and if Nima & Merge comes to your town to play, I urge you to see them!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on August 9th, 2005


1. Fire Eyes
2. Road To Hana
3. Moon Struck

Seperate Worlds Suite
4. Driven
5. Once Loved
6. Never More
7. Kurdish Dance

8. Masaek
9. Reng
10. Ittf
11-14. To Be Free

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