Artist/ Band: Nightwish
Title: Once
Label: Roadrunner Records
Year of Release: 2004
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The Review:

I was first exposed to the music of Nightwish back in 2002 when I purchased a box set which contained their first 4 releases. Since then Iíve filled in their catalog with all of their studio and live releases since 2002, including both DVDs. This is a band that with each release, gets better and better.

In 2004, they released their 6th album called Once. Once has a harder edge for the most part yet adding a more symphonic sound. Plus the added symphonic sound comes courtesy of"The London Session Orchestra" which was feature in The Lord of the Rings motion picture trilogy.

The music has more of a accessible side to it that would win over mainstream Evanescence fans, who arenít aware of the other great (or greater bands) in the goth metal genre that came before them. The vocals are as operatic as ever and the guitars, keys, bass and drums are the best theyíve ever been.

The highlights of this album for me are the heavy crunching opener, Dark Chest of Wonders, the melodic, accessible Wish I Had An Angel and Nemo, as well as the epic Creek Maryís Blood which has a Celtic vibe to it. Basically the whole album is a symphonic bombastic musical journey that has a almost soundtrackish feel to it.

Fans of Evanescence and/or Lacuna Coil will eat this up. This is a sure fire winner of 2004, especially for those into metal that demand more artistic musical output along with the fans of symphonic progressive rock.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 7th, 2004


1. Dark Chest of Wonders (4:28)
2. Wish I Had an Angel (4:06)
3. Nemo (4:36)
4. Planet Hell (4:38)
5. Creek Mary's Blood (8:29)
6. The Siren (4:45)
7. Dead Gardens (4:28)
8. Romanticide (4:58)
9. Ghost Love Score (10:02)
10. Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan (3:58)
11. Higher Than Hope (5:38)

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