Artist/ Band: Never Wasn't
Title: Never Wasn't
Label: Used Karma Music
Year of Release: 2008
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The Review:

Never Wasn’t is a brand new progressive hard rock band from the Los Angeles area. Formed by guitarist Mike Matier (formerly of Ten Jinn and the Light) to explore a more melodic side of progressive rock that sometimes borders on the AOR side. The end result of the 2008 self titled debut seems to have both positive and not so positive feedback. It seems it’s not progressive enough for some or too AOR for others. To me it’s a nice blend of both.

Most of the album is very strong while some songs are just good old rock and roll. I have to admit one song, “No More War”, which has an almost late 80’s feel, has a very hard listen feel to it, to in my opinion. My favorite track of the album is “Changing Seasons”, with it’s catchy progressive rock romp with very memorable melodies. This is what I feel the band should focus their future sound towards.

For the most part this is an album that can be seen as a hit or miss especially by the progressive rock community at large. For me, I see it as a stepping stone to better things to come. You can hear the samples on CD Baby as well as their main website to make your mind up. I would say, get it as an investment of future endeavors.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on August 23rd, 2008


1. Can't Find The Door
2. Timeline
3. Chganging Seasons
4. No More War
5. Take A Moment
6. Too Many People
7. Leprechaun
8. Undertow
9. In Tune With The Moon
10. The Last One
11. Feel The Heat
12. In A Blue Dream
13. Generator

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