Artist/ Band: Neil Campbell
Title: Ghost Stories
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2008
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“Ghost Stories” is a solo effort by guitarist Neil Campbell, from England. I previously reviewed “Particle Theory” (2007), which was under the moniker of The Neil Campbell Collective. Joining Neil are Michael Beiert (electronics) and Anne Taft (wordless vocals).

Starting off is the Ghost Stories Suite, which is divided into ten sections which takes up most of the album. With the wordless vocals, classical guitar and electronics, reminded me of something from the Suspria soundtrack crossed with the classic side of Steve Hackett , Karda Estra or even Guitar Craft. The remaining tracks, Ghost Tango, Volk and Sketch-5, could be considered “codas” for the main suite.

The music is done in a classical fashion both in arrangements and in execution. At times it sounds like more musicians. The result is a full sounding melodic work of modern art that will appeal to many progressive minded music fan especially the aforementioned bands. This is a perfect counterpart to the more “noise” oriented music. I would recommend this album wholeheartedly.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 30th, 2009


01. Ghost Stories Suite: I. Introduction
02. Ghost Stories Suite: Ii. Ghost Story 1
03. Ghost Stories Suite: Iii. Sketch 1
04. Ghost Stories Suite: Iv. Ghost Story 2
05. Ghost Stories Suite: V. Sketch 2
06. Ghost Stories Suite: Vi. Ghost Story 3
07. Ghost Stories Suite: Vii. Sketch 3
08. Ghost Stories Suite: Viii. Sketch 4
09. Ghost Stories Suite: Ix. Mr S Meets Jsb
10. Ghost Stories Suite: X. Pss
11. Ghost Tango
12. Volk
13. Sketch 5

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