Artist/ Band: The Neil Campbell Collective
Title: Particle Theory
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

Hailing from Liverpool, The Neil Campbell Collective released a new album called, ‘Particle Theory’. I received a copy from Neil and approached it with very little expectations, which lately is a good thing. Immediately upon hearing the music, I was very happy with what I heard. It was an almost all instrumental modern progressive rock delight. One track, The Line” contains vocals from Jeff Jepson. Neil plays all of guitars and keyboards on this album, in fact he has a master’s degree in music from the University of Liverpool. Joining Neil is Nicole Collarbone (cello) and Mark Brocklesby (drums).“

I found this to be one of the most enjoyable new releases of 2008. With each listen it becomes a classic in my opinion due to the innovative sounds Neil and company create. I found each song on this album to be fantastic and I never grow tired of any of them especially the two part title track. If you‘re not convinced, I would suggest checking out the tracks on their MySpace page. Particle Theory is highly recommended and should be on many (hopefully) people’s top releases of 2008!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 11th, 2008


1. Particle Theory
2. More Particles
3. Aria
4. 517
5. The Line
6. The List
7. Angels and Aeroplanes
8. Particle Theory 2

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