Artist/ Band: Nathan Mahl
Title: Exodus
Label: Unicorn Digital
Year of Release: 2008
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The Review:

Iím somewhat of a newbie to Nathan Mahlís music but aware of them via the internet. I was presented their latest release, Exodus, from their label and eagerly played the album. While there isnít any new ground broken here, it was an enjoyable experience. One down side, and itís minor, is the vocals. Sometimes theyíre really good and others expect an acquired taste. The musicianship should be noted, is quite beautiful and to my ears would have been better as a more instrumental album.

Musically, itís primarily of the symphonic and progressive genre with some bits of fusion mixed in. The mood of the album varies from slow symphonic to an faster upbeat nature. If you havenít figured out, the theme of the album is biblical and tells the story of the Israelites as slaves in Egypt, oppressed under the Pharaoh and wanting to be free.

This is one of those difficult albums, where Iím not sure I can recommend it to people such as myself that havenít heard any of the bandís previous works. Perhaps thatís a journey I will have to make but for now I can say that this album will satisfy mostly fans of Nathan Mahl. I will keep listening with an open mind, as all (or most) good progressive rock fans do.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on July 10th, 2009


01. Burning Bush
02. Let My People Go
03. The Plagues
04. The Parting
05. Down From The Mountain
06. 40 Years (For Andy Latimer)
07. The Last Climb
08. Canaan
09. Zipporah's Farewell
10. The Price Of Freedom

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