Artist: Mythologic

Title: Standing in Stillness

Produced by: Mythologic

Label/ Date: Progressive Music Management/ 2003


1. Magic To Breathe [1:26]
2. In Solitude [6:21]
3. Standing In Stillness [5:46]
4. Battled Beliefs [5:29]
5. A Dim Too Dark [9:41]
6. Flash of Red [5:24]
7. Truth Undiscovered [6:57]

The Review:

Mythologic combines two bands under the PMM label, Leger de Main and Andeavor to create a very powerful and aggressive entry in the prog-metal market. From Leger de Main, we have Melissa Rodler (lead vocals), Chris Rodler (guitars, bass) and Brett Rodler (drums) along with Andeavor guitarist Steve Matusik to produce quite possibly the most under-rated prog-metal “ masterpiece”.

They combine complex nature of Fates Warning along with a rhythm section that is reminiscent of early ‘80’s Rush; Mythologic’s Standing In Stillness is as near perfect from cover to cover. Melissa’s angelic vocals bring to mind other female metal vocalists but in a more down to earth delivery. The band has the ability to balance haunting vocals and crunchy, abrasive guitars in perfect equilibrium, creating a beautiful musical symmetry. This is a world apart of the many bands in this genre that seems to be fueled by technique rather than feeling. The lyrical themes seem to be dark and brooding, similar to Fates Warning and The Gathering, around Mandylion/Nighttime Birds.

Standout tracks include “Standing in Stillness” which is very close to Fates Warning’s style in the early 90's, and the dark, 9 minute epic “A Dim Too Dark”.

There are other elements that when they do the lengthy instrumental passage, revealing a their influences of King Crimson thus making this possible for them not to be labeled a clone band.

In fact, they arrived just in time, along with another band Sun Caged to show that incorporating the standards from which the pioneers of prog-metal set, yet still create a interestingly original sound.

HIGHLY Recommended

~Ron for [November 11th, 2003]

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Band Members:

Steve Matusik - Rhythm Guitar (left), Lead Guitars
Melissa Rodler - Vocals
Chris Roddler - Rhythm Guitar (right), Lead Guitar, Bass
Brett Rodler - Drums

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