Artist/ Band: Mohodisco
Title: Kaloomith
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2002

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The Review:

Mohodisco, an oddly named instrumental project of Bruce White, a San Francisco-based multi-instrumentalist who with the aid of other musicians to help him create some very eclectic yet approachable music on Kaloomith. There are several influences on the CD, most notably are a techno/trance ("Gravity"), jazz (title track) and some progressive rock ("The Source").The music is mainly guitar layered with synthesizers. On top of all the instrumentation, he also wrote, recorded and produced all of the material.

Mohodisco is one of the better self released CDs to arrive on my desk this year and I can't recommended it enough for those into electronic style symphonic music. I hope it doesn’t get overshadowed by other more popular releases. Check it out today and see for yourself.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 25th, 2004


1. Praxis
2. Our Paths Are Sonic Waves
3. Gravity
4. Remote Viewer
5. Soft ANd Sharp
6. The Source
7. Mystery Falls
8. Kaloomith

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