Artist/ Band: Mistheria
Title: Messenger of the Gods
Label: Lion Music
Year of Release: 2004
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The Review:

Lion Music has released some run of the mill neoclassical metal bands and projects over the years and just when it was safe to say “this is the same” thing, they surprised me with Mistheria’s debut release, Messenger Of The Gods. Yes it has the makings of a neoclassical metal album but it also has a strong prog/power metall sound throughout. The vocalist isn’t the usual screamer, which is quite a relief.

On Messenger of the Gods, the cast of usual suspects are on board from Lion Music’s roster such as Alex Masi, Marcel Cohen, George Bellas, Anders Johansson, Hubi Meisel, Rob Rock as well as Winterlong’s Thorbjorn Englund”.

As before mentioned, this album is musically balanced between both power and progressive metal, with neoclassical elements throughout. Surprisingly, Mistheria does an excellent job of keyboard playing. Where as he’s not always doing the “look at me” type playing on each song. Yes there’s some keyboard soloing but in tasteful doses. It would be interesting to see this evolve from a project based effort to a solid band effort. I would definitely recommend Messenger Of The Gods to all progressive, power, and neoclassical metal fans.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on January 24th, 2005


1. Praeludium Opus
2. Zeus Will Storm The Earth
3. The Chimera
4. The Beast Of The Maze
5. King Midas
6. Dynasty Of Death
7. Children’s Heaven
8. Witch Of The Demons
9. Dragon’s Teeth
10. Messenger Of The Gods
11. Titans
12. Eternity

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