Artist/ Band: Missa Mercuria
Title: Missa Mercuria
Label: Lion Music
Year of Release: 2004

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The Review:

Here comes a yet another new entry into the progressive metal genre, Missa Mercuria. They tread in the metal opera territory made popular by Ayreon. The music on Missa Mercuria’s debut is fantastic over the top progressive based metal .Even though there’s many of these bands out there, I still enjoy them. The one reason is I love the story telling in music. In fact that’s what music is really all about, the story telling.

The concept of this album is one that is all too familiar but needs to be told as much as possible. We need to be reminded of our of our place on Earth and to not take things for granted. I really enjoy the female vocals (Sabine Edelsbacher) the best on Missa Mercuria. The male vocals (DC Cooper) is too over the top for my tastes. One difference, over other metal operas, is the lyrics aren’t dwelling on the cheese factor. They’re very well done and helps the story along.

I found while this is primarily a progressive metal band, they do tread in other styles such as a slight folk and Celtic vibe. I’d recommend this band to those of you that enjoy such bands as “The Gathering”, “Blind Guardian”, “Ambeon”, “Ayreon” Within Temptation as well as Lion Music label mates, Condition Red.

Very Recommended!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on July 18th, 2004


1. Earth's Destruction
2. Requiem Mortale
3. Divine Spark (Firegod)
4. Whisper of The Soul (Watergoddess)
5. Mother Earth (Earthgoddess)
6. Spider Of Wisdom (Airgod)
7. Illusion Of Time
8. Missa Mercuria
9. Fairytale Of Truth
10. Farewell For Love's Sake
Journey To Hades:
11. Departure To Fear
12. Strange Desert Walk
13. Bursting Ego
14. Down To Hell
15. Rectificando
16. New Eon Arises

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