Artist/ Band: Mind's Eye
Title: Waiting For The Tide
Label: Lion Music
Year of Release: 2006 (2000 reissue)
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The Review:

“Waiting For The Tide”, of a length of a little more than 60 enjoyable and pleasant minutes, was first released in 2000 – at that time, it was the band’s second album (apart from a demo called “Afterglow”, released in 1994) – and is out again today after having been discontinued many years. Now, six years later, we get an excellent result, with a fresh and high quality sound, and this is without to forget to mention the addition of two excellent bonus tracks!

What I like so much from this release is that the songs relate very realistic moments of everyday life in its lyrics; they treat of society issues we are likely to face everyday, from poverty and racism till normal family problems.

My favourite tracks are:

  • “Circles In The Sand” – I simply ADORE the keys and the music in general, just as the vocals, they’re PERFECT! Sometimes, Andreas Novak’s crystalline vocals remind me SO MUCH those of James LaBrie! (especially in this song).
  • “Frozen Tears” – Which begins quite melodically, speedy and a bit heavy…I love it!
  • “Spellbound” – Is a very warm and complex instrumental piece, with awesome guitars! It has different moods. It’s aggressive at the beginning and sweet at the end, with maybe some light bluesy/jazzy vibes all through the song.
  • “Closer” – Here, I especially like the lyrics and concerned topic.

To be honest, I think I have a little preference for the “Walking On H2O” album, but I’m not really able to explain why…is it the music, the vocals, the lyrics? I can’t say…but this is IN NO WAY a negative comment and it doesn’t mean that this release is not a very good album, too! Every song is great!

“Waiting For The Tide” is in two words totally satisfying and convincing! If you liked “Walking On H2O”, for sure you’ll like that new version of the album as well. And I’d recommend it to anyone who loves deep progressive, meaningful lyrics and topics, and great stuff, fundamentally! I don’t really know how to describe the music as it’s unique!! “Mind’s Eye” distinguish themselves from any other band.

In my opinion, they’re one of the greatest progressive metal bands on the scene today. They care about the result of their product and their work is quasi-perfect IF NOT… PERFECT!!! Faultless!! ;-)

I give it, once again, 10/10! (For the precision and quality in everything). We can feel the time and effort that was put in the record and if I was an artist myself, I would be very proud to work with these perfectionist guys. ;-)

Congratulations and can’t wait for the next album!

Reviewed by Vikie Martel on July 25th, 2006


1. Frozen tears
2. Calling (father to son)
3. A pond of thoughts
4. Closer (spirits in the room part I)
5. In my mind (spirits in the room part II)
6. Primitive light
7. Jealousy In Disguise
8. Fall On Trust
9. Circles in the sand
10. ...Fade out

Bonus Tracks exclusive to this edition
11. Endless Passages
12. Spellbound (instrumental)

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