Artist/ Band: Mind's Eye
Title: Walking On H2O
Label: Lion Music
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

The first time I heard of “Mind’s Eye” was in June 2005 because I knew that Daniel Flores, drummer on Hubi Meisel’s solo albums, had also his own band. Being a very talented musician, I got curious to hear more about Flores’ work and last autumn, I really got in touch with their music for the first time on online radio station Then, I guess it’s not really necessary to precise that I got quite happy when I got the album in order to review it! Once again, I had the incredible luck to discover an other awesome band who does wonderful work and whose projects succeed to hypnotize us completely from the beginning till the end. “Walking On H2O” is the fourth album of the band.

This Swedish band is only formed of 3 members, but oh, so marvelous ones in every respect! I had never heard of Andreas Novak before and I’m really glad that it’s now something done. This guy has such a beautiful, clear, pure and crystalline voice. He’s able to sing sort of strong/heavy too, but it never sounds aggressive and that’s something I really love. And what to say about Daniel Flores (I never knew he could also play keys!!!), who does ALMOST everything on “Walking on H2O” (I say “almost” because Johan Niemann also did more than playing), from the production and the mixing to the song writing. And apart from all that and playing the drums and keys, he also arranged the album and recorded it in his own studio. Quite impressive, isn’t it! I was very surprised!

I think this concept album about human evolution is very deep too, touching important and realistic topics such as science, pollution and immortality, sometimes mixing a bit of futurism and supernatural too, and all this through amazing melodies and choruses, very strong and present in almost every song. I would call it an “in the face” album, haha. Very direct about the visions of humanity. Very special, personal and original CD for sure! It also mixes progressive and old rock styles (sometimes reminding me a tiny little bit in some parts – not all the time, of course! – of “Rush” and “Yes”, especially in the songs “A Rabbit in the Hat” and “Equally Immortal” and “Ayreon” in the songs “Earth – The Movie” and “Out of my System”), never really having the same vibe all along the CD nor having a clear definition between these musical styles, which is very good I think, because it gives them a particular and individual style. An other very strong and important aspect of “Walking On H2O” is the lyrics, which are of absolutely amazing quality and in which talent in song writing is very noticeable!!!! The keyboards are very present too and every single part of it is great!

Basically, this album is awesome on every level: lyrics, music, melodies, vocals, choruses, solos, concept idea. An other piece of work fantastically and brilliantly well organized that is worth the perfect rate in my opinion: not only I give them 10/10 for the album itself, but I give 10/10 for EVERY SINGLE part of it! These guys really won my heart and I guess I’m not the only one, haha! Now I really understand why this album was very well rated everywhere.

My favourite songs (for the vocals, lyrics and melodies) are: “When I Whisper” (which is so very sweet and on which choruses simply make my skin shivers, especially from the middle of the song till the end!!!), “Heal My Karma”, “Poseidon Says” and “Sahara in an Hourglass” (which has a perfect Persian sound). This album just leaves me breathless!!! I like every single track very much. Strongest general point in my opinion: lyrics.

After I heard “Walking on H2O” from the beginning to the end, I can say without any hesitation that this band is now among my favourites and I really will be looking forward to hear their next albums!

Keep a close eye on them, it’s NECESSARY! You’ll LOVE that album from the first hearing. And more you listen it loud, more it sounds good haha (at least, seems like it to me as it’s not really heavy). I think after Hubi Meisel’s work, which is my favourite, that of Mind’s Eye reaches the second position. I’m so grateful that I discovered their music. :-))))

Reviewed by Vikie Martel on May 13th, 2006


1- Earth – The Movie
2- A Rabbit in the Hat
3- Equally Immortal
4- Mrs. Clair Voyance
5- Sahara in an Hourglass
6- Out of my System
7- Umbrellas Under the Sun
8- Sacred Rules
9- The Nazca Lines
10- Flight of the (Instrumental)
11- Heal My Karma
12- When I Whisper
13- Poseidon Says

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