Artist/ Band: Mike Dickson
Title: Domus", "Six Consequences", "Honfleur: The Music of Eric Satie", "Mellotronworks & In Excelsis
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2007, 20008
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The Review:

Mike Dickson is best known as a member of an international electronic/world/prog project called Systems Theory, where his primary instrument is the Mellotron. He released some solo albums centered around what the Mellotron can do; Six Consequences (2007), which contained variations of songs slated for the fourth Systems Theory album. His follow-up, Domus (2007), which shows a more mellow side of Mike’s compositions. Next up is Honfleur: The Music of Erik Satie (2008) which is, obviously interpretations of the music of Satie. It’s quite mellow and has a slight romantic feel to it.

Mike released two more albums in 2008, In Excelsis (my favorite of all) and Mellotronworks. The latter is obviously a Tron fan’s wet dream. In fact all of the albums are amazing Mellotron based music. Any fan of the instrument and electronic based progressive rock will need to hear these. To make it easier to hear, Mike has them available for free download. While they are free, there is a donation link, and if you appreciate Mike’s talent, you might want to send something for his time. Believe me, his talent is worth more than he’s offering so I wouldn‘t delay and take advantage of this amazing once in a lifetime deal.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on March 31st, 2009


Domus (2007)

01. Cranmillion (Elle est la F�e Verte)
02. For A Brief Second Time Just Stood Still
03. Metamorphosis I
04. Metamorphosis II
05. Metamorphosis III
06. Metamorphosis IV
07. Shutter On The Scene
08. Serendip

.Six Consequences (2007)

01. Consequences (White)
02. The Hammer Looks Back (for Milan)
03. Consequences (Orange)
04. Vulture
05. Consequences (Violet)
06. Stroke #2
07. Consequences (Ultramarine)
08. Trois Gymnopedies I
09. Trois Gymnopedies II
10. Trois Gymnopedies III
11. Consequences (Sienna)
12. Codetalking
13. Consequences (Black)
14. Vortex

Honfleur: The Music of Erik Satie (2008)

01. Gnossiennes I
02. Gnossiennes II
03. Gnossiennes III
04. Gnossiennes IV
05. Gnossiennes V
06. Gnossiennes VI
07. Trois Gymnopedies I
08. Trois Gymnopedies II
09. Trois Gymnopedies III
10. Ogives I
11. Ogives II
12. Ogives III
13. Ogives VI
14. Sarabandes I
15. Sarabandes II
16.Sarabandes III
17. Vexations (excerpt)

Mellotron works (2008)

In Excelsis (2008)

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