Artist/ Band: Miguel Cantillo Y Grupo
Title: Sur
Label: Viajero Inmovil Records
Year of Release: 2004 reissue
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The Review:

This would have been a very popular album if it was released in 1975 when it was recorded but it wasnít released until 2004. Now itís a nice look back at what could have been. Miguel Cantilo Y Grupo Sur contains some beautiful psychedelic rock with jazz-fusion moments. Most of the music is like a wild ride, and for the time period, played at whiplash speed with changes of tempo and style.

A notable trivia for the band is one of the members, violinist Jorge Picnhevski (who is also the producer of the album) can be remembered on his performance on Gong's "Shamal" of the same year under his real name, Geiger.

Although, Iím not a fan of many foreign language vocals, this is one of the few release from Viajero Inmovil that was a pleasure to listen to from start to finish. I can recommend this to those into the Latin prog scene, all others proceed with caution.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on January 11th, 2005


1. Sur Alabanzas
2. Naturangel
3. Musi
4. Demian
5. Una Manera de Llegar
6. La Leyenda del Retorno
7. Algo Esta Por Suceder
8. Las Imagenes Que Ves Entre Las Nubes

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