Artist/ Band: Michael Sherwood
Title: Tangletwon
Label: Skywriter Productions
Year of Release: 1999
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The Review:

Michael Sherwood's CD Tangletown is a mixture of many influences. A voice like Peter Gabriel or Kevin Gilbert, song writing chops like Gilbert or Todd Rundgen, and a history of playing in progressive rock bands with his brother Billy Sherwood. See my review below of the Michael fronted band Lodgic's Nomadic Sands for more information on the great prog outfit that he and Billy were in together in the early 80's. I've had this album for years and keep coming back to it again and again for good solid singer-songwriter tunes with a prog bent.

Michael writes with several different co-writers, predominantly Julius Robinson who gets co-credit with Michael on the album. They list other influences like Ben Folds, Tim & Neil Finn, Yes, XTC, Utopia and Zappa. I hear a little of all of that stuff too. This is really strong material, but perhaps not for the devout prog fan. My favorite tracks include "Losing Faith," "The Censor," and "Steady as She Goes," but all of this album is very listenable! If you enjoy the lighter fare from artists like Spock's Beard ("Goodbye to Yesterday," "Skin," “All That’s Left”), Kevin Gilbert (Thud, Toy Matinee) and especially Peter Gabriel (So, Us) this should be on your must buy list.

Reviewed by Terry Jackson on July 24th, 2007


1. Tangletown
2. Angry As I Am
3. Losing Faith
4. In the Meantime
5. Stowaway
6. Walking On Water
7. Learning to Breathe
8. http//
9. The Censor
10. The Thief
11. Steady As She Goes
12. These Times
13. Be Strong
14. Where Has Everybody Gone

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