Artist/ Band: Metaphor
Title: Entertaining Thanatos (Seven Cheery Songs ABout Death)
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2004

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The Review:

California prog rock group Metaphor released Starfooted, back in 2000. At times it sounded like a missing Genesis album from the mid-seventies and at other times a modern progressive rock band. I know some people would call them neo-prog but Metaphor is more in the symphonic vein.

Fast forward to 2004, Metaphor releases Entertaining Thanatos following some line-up changes. On this sophomoric release the only original line-up are John Mabry (vocals), Malcolm Smith (guitars) and Marc Spooner (keyboards). Joining them are bassist Jim Anderson and two drummers (Bob Koehler departed following the recording of two new tracks in 2001 and currently, Jeffrey Baker).

Entertaining Thanatos is a loosely themed conceptual album with a subtitle of “Seven Cheery Songs About Death”. Now don’t let that frighten you away, each of the song themes are dark and rather comical, somewhat the same as early Genesis circa Foxtrot and Selling England By The Pound. There are many parallels between Metaphor and Genesis, one being that they were once a Genesis tribute band for a short period of time. One thing I like about Metaphor’s approach to the Genesis sound is they use it as a foundation for the ir music rather as a note-for-note interpretation like other bands that fall into the “clone” category.

If you haven’t already heard their debut, and you like the Genesis style of prog then please do your ears a great favor and purchase Entertaining Thanatos as well as Starfooted. Your ears will thank you!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on July 10th, 2004


1. Socrates
2. Galatea
3. When It All Comes Together
4. Raking The Bones
5. Call Me Old and Uninspired or Maybe Even Lazy and Tired but Thirteen Heads in the Backyard Says You're Wrong
6. Yes & No
7. Wheel of the World

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