Artist/ Band: Metal Majesty
Title: This Is Not A Drill
Label: Lion Music
Year of Release: 2004

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The Review:

Oh my god this is Queen resurrected! Metal Majesty is about the closest thing to the original Queen than anything attempted. Valensia is a almost dead ringer, vocally, for Freddie Mercury. There are some differences but I think you can use the live comparisons easier.Musically this sounds like a "what if Queen combines their early raw metallic sound with their latter day style", prior to the death of Freddie Mercury. Just like most of latter day Queen releases, there are some cheese factor throughout the disc whether it be musically or the artwork on the booklet. But to counter balance that Valensia has such a great sense of f harmony, and adds some progressive moments throughout the disc.

This is yet another gem from Lion Music, who seems to have become the Neo Classical Home base of the 21st Century. Itís a welcomed surprise. I hope to hear more of this variety.

Queen lovers, if you have an opened mind like myself, take a chance and purchase this CD. It sent shivers up and down my spine once the vocals started. Highly recommended! Also Valensia has a Queen tribute CD on Lion Music, which will be reviewed soon.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 18th, 2004


1) Grim Reeper
2) Metal Majesty
3) The Extra Terrestrial
4) Wonderful Life
5) Magic Chemistry
6) His Highness Hybris
7) Maiden Head
8) License to Chill
9) Everytime It Rains Again
10) Hope and Glory
11) Deborah
12) The Moon
13) Bulgarian Queen
14) Symphony in V-Minor
15) Rock Nor Roll
16) Stars Tonight

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