Artist: Maximum Indifference
Title: The Transmutations of Supposed Angels: Or Beings that were once Girls
Label/ Date: Botched 2000


1. Beware the Glabyglop (4:54)
2. Kuang Grade Mark Eleven Penetration Program (6:06)
3. Jack Palance the Ninja (3:30)
4. Wedge of Spite (4:03)
5. Aura and Armament (3:21)
6. Swyncro (4:19)
7. And Your Point Is? (5:17)
8. Client Weasel Tactics (3:04)
9. Sleep Hammer (5:41)
10. Bad Mind Does Does Not (3:07)
11. Halation [9:38]
12. Apparatus [13:22] (23:00)

The Review:

Maximum Indifference, hailing from San Jose, Ca. is a "gutar, bass, drums" trio provide the prog world, an aggressive sound balanced with each member adding synthesizers, some samplings and spoken word to create a "aggressive, atmospheric soundtrack for an imaginary film".

They are a testament to the new genre of prog-metal beyond the whiney operatic gymnastic vocals of late by going fully instrumental, a way of letting the music do all the "talking".

The songs on their latest disc, "The Transmutations of Supposed Angels: Or Beings that once were Girls", range from 3 to 13 minutes with various themes including an aggressive Metallica/ Rush like hybrid on "Bad Mind Does Not" and the erie epic 23 minute (the first 10 minutes uses spoken word with various sound effects backing of "Halation" then "Aparatus" the second part is a ripping powerhouse finale) to the quirky surf punk stylings of Dick Dale shown on "Jack Palance was a Ninja". "Beware the Glabyglop" and "Kuang Grade Mark Eleven Penetration Program" are pretty much the more "mainstream" metal songs... great for cruisin'!

Soring guitar work, heavy bass and intricate drumming are evident in this display of excellent musicianship through-out the disc BUT a fare warning... if you aren't into loud, heavy music then this band is not for you.

I look forward to their ProgWest performance, as the festival in whole has a wonderful line up especially for a inaugural event.

~Ron for [September 13th, 2001]

Band Members:

Mark Bladek - Guitars
Gustaf Fjelstrom - Bass
Rich Duarte - Drums


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