Artist/ Band: Lars Eric Mattsson
Title: Earthbound
Label: Lion Music
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

“Lars Eric Mattsson” was born on an island between Finland and Sweden and he’s an awesome progressive metal guitarist who was discovered around 1985. He has about 20 albums to his name right now. His first was released in 1988, which was called “Eternity” (but a new version of it went out in 2001). He recorded numerous albums in the 90’s till today and the last one is “Earthbound”, an album 100% melodic. He quoted about it: “My new solo album EARTHBOUND is just me and my drummer, as few instruments as possible, no vocals and very little keyboards, so it really is a guitar album in every aspect.” I’ve also got his “Book of Reflections” (2004) since about 7 months now and still listen to it all the time. That project was very very interesting and featured many great artists such as Hubi Meisel. “Earthbound” is composed of 10 tracks and is about 45 minutes long. It’s all good from the beginning till the end ! I think it is important to mention also that Lars produce, compose, arrange, record and mix his albums by himself (and write all the lyrics when there are). Great and very talented guy, isn’t it ?! ;-)

That guy is just awesome and knows how to give essence to an album. You really don’t need any lyrics to get into the album nor to understand it and to fall in a total fantasy world. All you have to do is to close your eyes and let you go. Each track is very different from each other and gets you in a different mood. Incredible. Each one calls you to feel what you want and that’s what I like with melodic albums. You can dream, think about whatever you want that the music inspires you. It’s a very personal feeling. All you have to do is to FEEL the album. I’d say that the tracks are very well balanced, too. Some are a bit heavier or faster than the others, but the track that follows is a bit less heavy or fast, etc. I like the way the tracks are disposed on the album – the order is quite “harmonious”.

The tracks that caught the most my attention are “Delhi” and “Song of the Woods”. In some way, the titles fit perfect with the music and it sounded almost “bohemian” or “ethnic” to me. “Oriental”. I don’t really know how to describe it, you know it’s quite difficult. An other person could have a totally different perception of it. In fact, even the title of the album fits PERFECT with the music. From that topic, your imagination goes…to any natural related elements. Well, and this album made me travel “very far”, if I could say it that way…the guitars alone, just by themselves, do a big part of the job and it’s incredible to listen to the complexity of this CD. Really, more I listen to it, more I like it ! But there are no way to explain HOW it sounds, technically. Can’t find the words. I think the best way to understand it is to listen to it…and to dive into it !

I’d give to this album an other 9/10. Yep ! I really got into “Earthbound” and I loved that release ! It’s amazing to see what only two person could do !! That must have been a lot of work and it must have taken a long time to produce it too !! :-O Thumbs up !!

I’m very curious about Lars’ other works – which I will definitely check in the future – and I would advise anyone to listen to “Earthbound” and “Book of Reflections”. Two pieces of work of great and high quality !! From what I read, his album “Power Games” (2003) would be the most complex till now. For more info, go to his website, there are lots to read and to learn and it’s very interesting !

Reviewed by Vikie Martel on February 17th, 2006


1. From the Skies (5:08)
2. Earthbound (7:47)
3. Time Capsule (3:41)
4. Delhi (3:17)
5. ShredHead (3:07)
6. The Orchid (5:15)
7. Free Wind (5:36)
8. Song of the Woods (2:32)
9. Closed Eyes (5:24)
10. ...Later (1:46)

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