Artist: Mattsson
Title: Power Games
Producted by:
Label/ Date: Lion Music / 2002


1. Open the Gate [7:34]
2. Victim of Freedom [3:59]
3. Blind Faith [5:21]
4. Chained to My Pain [4:02]
5. Bridge to My Past [8:22]
6. Safely Through the Fight [6:04]
7. Beyond the Horizon [17:11]
- Guitar Concerto No. 1
8. Lead Me on My Way [5:17]

The Review:

After several listens I have come to the conclusion that Power Games is part throwback to late 80's prog-metal and part original instrumental prog-metal.

The throwback part comes via singer Lance King's uncanny similarity to that of Geoff Tate. Guitarist/Bassist/Keyboardist Lars Eric Mattsson seems to be playing on that theme which makes most of the CD sounding like yet another Queensryche clone.

Now for the original prog-metal part. This comes in the form of an amazing 17+ minute instrumental called "Beyond the Horizon - Guitar Concerto No 1". Since Lars is an amazing multi-instrumentalist, this is where he should have devoted the direction of Power Games.

So unless you're into that Queensryche clone sound, I'd say stay clear of this release and get something more original in whole.

Other reviewers agree that the future of Mattsson's sound should go the instrumental route.

~Ron for [February 28th, 2003]

Band Members:

Lance King - Vocals
Lars Eric Mattsson - Guitars, Bass and Keyboards
Eddie Sledgehammer - Drums

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