Artist: Mark McCrite
Title: Getting To The Point
Producted by: Mark McCrite
Label/ Date: Vermiscious Music/ 2000


01. Can You Feel This? [3:00]
02. The Truth [2:40]
03. Closing the Door [4:14]
04. Slip Away [4:43]
05. Love is Only Sleeping [3:30]
06. Getting to the Point [4:03]
07. Strange Fortune [5:43]
08. They Say... [3:56]
09. Sad Man's Song [2:54]
10. So Long [6:49]

The Review:

Rocket Scientists' lead vocalist/guitarist, Mark McCrite's solo debut, Getting To A Point, shows off his pop roots by fusing sounds reminiscent of the British pop sound of the 60's while adding a modern flavor.

With this collection of songs, Mark shows that he's a brillant singer/songwriter as a solo artist as well as with Rocket Scentists.

The songs are more straight-forward and very infectious, so expect to hum or sing along with all the tunes. One song that is a highlight for both me and my wife, is the cover of The Monkees' "Love Is Only Sleeping".

It's ashame that the this CD will only reach hundreds rather than millions it so richly deserves.

Mark is one of LA's hidden treasures as well as a all around nice guy.

~Ron for [May 5th, 2003]

Band Members:

Mark McCrite - Vocals, Guitars, Dobro, Mellotron, Hammond organ, Percussion
Derrick Anderson - Bass
Tommy Amato - Drums
Vince Dicola - Piano
Dave Kerzner - Wulitzer, Mellotron, Hammond organ
Lance Rickman - Saxophone, Flute
Greg Ellis - Percussion
David Bryce - Hammond organ, Mellotron
Dave Stringer - Harmonium

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