Artist/ Band: Marillion
Title: Somewhere In London
Label: Racket/ MVD
Year of Release: 2008
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The Review:

Somewhere In London was filmed over the final two nights of Marillion's "Somewhere Else" tour on June 15th and 16th,, 2007. The band performed songs from their last release along with a set list that spans the band's albums of the last two decades. The first disc contains the entire concert and seven other songs performed on those nights as well as bonus features ion the second disc.

The bonus features are five songs rehearsals from The Racket Club (April 1, 2007) which include, "The Last Century for Man", "Estonia", "Neverland", "Faith", and "See it Like a Baby". Plus you get 5.1 mixes of four songs from the last album ‘Somewhere Else‘ such as "No Such Thing", "A Voice From The Past", "The Wound" and the title track.

From the dramatic spine tingling opener of "Splintering Heart", you know you’re in for a fantastic experience. Then the band performs seven songs from the new Somewhere Else album, with only a couple of Marbles tracks mixed in between.. There was only one Fish-era song played, this concert called "Sugar Mice" which is on the second disc.

Besides ‘Splintering Heart’, another highlight for me are on the second disc. The first is “Afraid Of Sunlight”, with an amazing rendition that simply comes alive more than the studio version. The other is "Ocean Cloud", which has to be the most progressive Marillion song in ages. The song was only on the two-disc, limited edition, version of Marbles.

If you’re a fan of Marillion or have always wanted to get into them and just don’t know where to start with them, then the Somewhere in London DVD is highly recommended. For those of you in the USA, you can get this domestically through MVD.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 17th, 2008


1. Splintering Heart
2. The Other Half
3. You're Gone
4. No Such Thing
5. Faith
6. Thankyou Whoever You Are
7. Fantastic Place
8. The Wound
9. A Voice from the Past
10. Somewhere Else
11. Man of a Thousand Faces
12. Between You and Me
13. King
14. The Release
15. Neverland

Bonus Materials:

  • Four surround sound mixes of 'Somewhere Else' album tracks (The Wound, A Voice from the Past, No Such Thing, Somewhere Else)
  • Featurette of competition winners' visit to an exclusive tour rehearsal from Marillion's Racket Club studio (The Last Century for Man, Estonia, Neverland, Faith, See it Like a Baby)
  • Extra disc of the remaining songs played during the 2 nights at the Forum (Ocean Cloud, Afraid of Sunlight, Beautiful, Most Toys, Estonia, Sugar Mice, Easter)

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