Artist/ Band: Marillion
Title: Marbles On The Road
Label: MVD
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

Whether or not Marillion wished to be called a progressive rock band or not is up to them but they are firmly rooted in the genre. They may not sound like they did when they first burst onto the scene but I figure when Steve Hogarth entered the picture, they needed to re-invent themselves.

Boy did they ever! First starting out as a pop-song based band with little to no resemblance music wise to previous works then they returned to the progressive rock genre with a whole new sound. Obviously older fans weren’t happy but to fans of the progressive rock genre Marillion stayed true to it and “progressed” with each release since Brave.

In 2004, Marillion released Marbles in two versions, a double cd version available form their site and a single disc version available elsewhere. In 2005, they did the same with their DVD, Marbles on the Road. Some may feel slighted by these separate versions but I see the double for the longtime fans and the single for the casual fan or newbie.

Most of the songs are from the Hogarth-era band so, again longtime Fish fans will be disappointed. But there’s a wealth of material from the Hogarth-era that, to me, stands up fine with the best of the Fish -era. Some may say blasphemy but I’m a fan of the music not the line-up.

On this single disc DVD, of which I received a copy to review, there’s some nice bonus features including a EPK (electronic press kit) of Marbles, two music videos (“You’re Gone” & “Don’t Hurt Yourself”). The audio and video are fantastic and well worth purchasing either versions. So as I mentioned before, the choose of which version is up to you.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on July 9th, 2005


1. The Invisible Man
2. Marbles I
3. You're Gone
4. Angelina
5. Marbles II
6. Don't Hurt Yourself
7. Fantastic Place
8. Marbles III
9. The Damage
10. Marbles IV
11. Neverland
12. Bridge
13. Living With the Big Lie
14. The Party
15. Between You And Me
16. Uninvited Guest
17. Cover My Eyes

Bonus Features
'Marbles' Album EPK
'You're Gone' video
'Don't Hurt Yourself' video

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