Artist/ Band: Marco Galletti
Title: La Luce Che Illumina I Sogni
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

A relatively unknown Italian musician Marco Galletti contacted me a few months back to submit his latest CD, La Luce Che Illumina I Sogni for reviewing. Upon receipt of the CD I began a wonderful musical journey of both sounds and lyric, even though the lyric were in his native tongue, it fit the music well. Sometimes it better that way so the music has a cohesive flow. Iíd be interested in reading the English translations one day. Most of the music on this album is very soundtrack like. You can close your eyes while listening and instantly be transported to different worlds. Iím sure this was Marcoís intent with the music. Amazing enough, even though this is an all electronic album, there are strong moments of symphonic and the percussions used have a very warm sound to them, thus making it one of the easier listening albums of 2005.

While being a mixed bag of styles, Marco Galletti, the album on whole is remarkable and deserves to be heard by more people than Iím afraid it will. Hopefully this and other reviews will help others to listen to this beautiful album. It really is one of the better self releases of the last few years as well as 2005. My favorite tracks vary depending on my mood but the ones that stand-out the most are the opening 9 minute track, E Vorrei and the title track. Both are haunting epics that never wear out their welcome and leaves you wanting more. I hope to hear more from Marco in the near future. His site contains samples of this and other compositions, so head over and hear then buy a copy today.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 23rd, 2005


1. E vorrei...
2. La luce che illumina i sogni
3. Punti indefiniti
4. L'aria che respiri
5. Abbracciandoti
6. Questa luna
7. Nell'infinito cielo
8. Ritorna il sole

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