Artist/ Band: Marcel Coenen
Title: Colour Journey
Label: Lion Music
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

Before listening to “Colour Journey” for the first time, I really thought that it would be an instrumental album integrally (don’t ask me why…I have no idea)! But what wasn’t my surprise when I discovered that not only there were vocals on it, but there were many different singers and many different musicians from various bands too! Almost all the members from Marcel’s actual band (Sun Caged) are participating on “Colour Journey”: singer Paul Adrian Villarreal, drummer Roel Van Helden and keyboardist Rene Kroon. I discovered the ultra talented guitarist (one of the best in my opinion!) Marcel Coenen from Hubi Meisel’s albums and later heard some of the tracks from “Sun Caged” on an online radio station. And from “Sun Caged”, I knew about his approximately one hour solo album “Colour Journey” – never listened to his “Guitartalk” solo album (which is instrumental) yet though, but I’d love to dig it.

It is very difficult to classify this CD in a certain music style since it has so many different moods, passing from rock, to progressive, to power metal, to love ballads, even to death vocals(!!)…you’ll also find some pop and jazz variations in some songs! Then, you are sure to find something for you! You’ll find sweet and soft beats, and much heavier ones. As I said for other albums before: you’ll get for all tastes here! Which is something very cool in my opinion and I always love such albums. No matter the way you feel, something will fit your mood. Every song is unique, not just for the music, but vocally too, of course! I think this project is very special and Marcel really impressed me because it’s not only his way of playing that amazes us, but what he composed: all the songs apart from “The Shrink”.

The title “Colour Journey” just fits perfect for the album! The 11 tracks are COMPLETELY different from each other and indeed, we could call it a very very “coloured” CD, haha. You only have to listen to “Waiting”, “Abstract Impact”, “New Race”, “Skill Factor”, “V(erbal) D(efense) M(echanism)” and “Traumatized To The Bone” to understand.

Best song on the album? Very hard to say. I like all of them in their own way and I like them just as they are. “La Bella Mira” is probably my favourite piece on that album: it’s a very sweet instrumental ballad, very “languorous” and “sensual” if we could say it like that. But this is not very surprising when we know that Marcel dedicated that wonderful ballad to his girlfriend. ;-)

“New Race”, again instrumental piece, could maybe come in second place for its very fast and speedy beat. I just love the way it sounds…almost power metal, I don’t know, it’s awesome! The guitars are the best on this album in my opinion! “Still Bleeding” is another of my favourite ones: very sweet and beautiful piece in which I just love the female vocals, reminds me a bit of some gothic vocals. I really like “Waiting” too because it has a kind of power metal beat and awesome vocals to go with it. ;-)

“That Moment” is a very sweet song, in which I was so surprised to find “Colleen Gray”. I really like this singer! She has such great vocals and sometimes reminds me a bit of (not in this specific song, but in her own pieces) Sarah MACLACHLAN. And of course, this is without to forget “Patron Saint”, which is 100% progressive. Super good song in the vein of “Sun Caged”. “The Shrink” is instrumental and has very impressive guts in which I could almost say they are my favourite ones (too, he he).

“Traumatized To The Bone” is, I think, the song I liked the least. Not on the musical level, but for the vocals, which are not very much my kind: I’d prefer it without the dark and death metal vocals (but this doesn’t mean that the song is not good, not at all!) And I like the female vocals, though. This is the heaviest one. While “Skill Factor” sounds very “exotic”. If you know and like the music of Joop Wolters, I think you’ll love this track!! Basically, I think “Colour Journey” deserves a good 9/10! I really enjoyed this album very much and already can’t wait for the next solo!

Reviewed by Vikie Martel on May 23rd, 2006


1. Waiting
2. Abstract Impact
3. Patrol Saint
4. La Bella Mira
5. Traumatized To The Bone
6. Skull Factor
7. That Moment
8. The Shrink
9. V(erbal) D(efense) M(echanism)
10. New Race
11. Still Bleeding

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