Artist: Marcel Coenen

Title: Guitartalk

Produced by:

Label/ Date: Lion Music/ 2003


1. Independence Day
2. Race Against Time
3. Inner Alchemy
4. Fusion
5. Rebel
6. Fairy Tale
7. The Wet Season
8. Anthem
9. Shoreline
10. Moyra
11. Move That Groove
12. Endless

The Review:

Marcel Coenen is a Dutch guitarist, who is better known as part of the now defunct prog-metal band, Lemur Voice. Currently he can be heard in the new prog-metal band, Sun Caged.

On Guitartalk, Marcel shows off his chops using a programmed backed bass, keyboards and drums. Marcel is part of the neo-classical movemnet but he leans more towards Satriani & Vai in his playing. Some technical playing combined with soulful blues and the chugga-chugga sound makes for a pleasant listen.

It took me several listens to fully appreciate this CD. Even though this isnít the genre of music I like the most. Well crafted home based recordings done with excellent style. With all this, I do believe Marcel is better with other musicians backing him rather than a soloist.

Fans of Symphony X, Satriani, Vai and similar will really dig this CD, all others please avoid.

~Ron for [November 11th, 2003]

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Band Members:

Marcel Coenen - All instruments

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