Artist: Magic Box

Title: Bliss of a Madman

Produced by: Lynskey, Denny, Maxwell

Label/ Date: Pascal Records/ 2003


1. Inspiral
2. The Alchemist
3. Cinematic
4. Model For A Change
5. Bliss of a Madman
6. Trane To Birdland
7. Bolero Meets Andulucia
8. The oracle of the Sun
9. Surreal Games
10. What If
11. Before The End
12. The Book of The Dead

The Review:

Magic Box is a progressive music exploration with draws on many influences, including Rock, Classical, Jazz, Avant Garde, Ambient, Middle Eastern, and Trance. The listener finds themselves transported to musical destinations yet to be explored.

Magic Box is basically comprised of two musicians: Tom Maxwell (of The Blue Hawaiians) and film maker/guitarist Steve Denny (Oscuro) along with guests. Together they created soundscapes that would make any Fripp fan happy on Bliss of a Madman which contains some of the most original music I’ve heard in ages. Aside from being rooted within the progressive music genre, these excellent and relatively unknown musical genius’ go way beyond classification. Not convinced yet? Well fans of early Pink Floyd and Tangerine Dream will Magic Box a worthy enitiy to continue while adding a modern musical flare.

Bliss of a Madman has a “soundtrack” like vibe to it and definitely belongs in all progressive music fan’s collections. This is one of my favorites of 2003!

~Ron for [December 17th, 2003]

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Band Members:

Steve Denny - All instruments
Tom Maxwell - All instruments

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