Artist: Magellan

Title: Impossible Figures regular edition

Produced by: Magellan

Label/ Date: InsideOut Music/ 2003

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1. Gorilla With A Pitchfork
2. Killer Of Hope
3. Bach 16
4. Late For Church
5. Confessor’s Overture
6. Hymn For A Heathen
7. A World Groove
8. Counterpoints
9. Feel The Cross

The Review:

Impossible Figures is the fifth album from Magellan, and the first on InsideOut though. I honestly wasn’t a big fan of Magellan’s style of music, mainly because they sound too manufactured and stiff to me. There’s no feeling to most of the music. On this CD there are some songs that break that mold and hopefully will be more of it on future releases.

The brothers Gardner, Trent (lead vocals, keyboards, trombone) and Wayne (guitars, bass, backing vocals) ahve the chops for something bigger than they’re already doing. Especially on "Hymn For A Heathen" where they break that metallic onslaught they’ve been know for on their past few releases. Another song that is a nice departure from the prog-metal onslaught is, "Feel The Cross", a very melodic piece, very loose and laid back. Wayn’s playing isnt mechanical like other songs. Here he has a nice fluid balance in his play. More of this please!

If you’ve enjoyed Magellan, than pick yourself up a copy today. If not then move along to something else.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on January 13th, 2004

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