Artist/ Band: Lullacry
Title: Vol. 4
Label: Century Media
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

“Lullacry” is an electric, explosive, dynamic and thrilling Finnish band, from Helsinki, who has already 4 albums and an EP recorded to its credit. “Vol. 4” is the last one. It’s constituted of 10 EXCELLENT songs and unfortunately lasts only 40 short minutes…you’d wish it would be longer ! The band is formed of 5 members and the first singer, also named Tanya, left the band in 2002 due to musical differences. I don’t know if it’s for good or bad as I never heard the other albums, but well, I couldn’t be more sure about this one ! My feeling tells me that the Tanja who was chosen as a replacement was an extremely good choice ! ;-)

Being a CD filled with awesome and aggressive guitars, you’ll feel the jolting mood as much in the vocals, as in the rhythms and the lyrics. If you feel a bit down, it’s the perfect album to listen to put you back on your feet !

In sweetest songs, like “Heart Shaped Scars” (the only one that could be called in some way “gothic”) and at the beginning of “King of Pain”, Tanja’s vocals remind me a bit those of Amy Lee (Evanescence). I said only a little, right. Because Tanja’s voice is a bit higher. Much more entrancing too !

While in really rock songs such as “Perfect Tonight” (excellent to open an album !), “Fire Within” and “Killing Time”, you can recognize some Alannah Myles’ influences there. I don’t think it was on purpose and I don’t know if other people would agree with me on that, but even though the music style is completely different, Tanja’s vocals are really as much enjoyable, warm, rocking, honeyed, I’d even go till saying sexy as those of Alannah !! I would say a bit in the same vein, to give an example to those who never heard “Lullacry” before, even though it’s not “sickly similar”. “Lullacry” is unique in its kind.

“Vol. 4” is definitely an album to discover and I would suggest it to anyone. It’s all in all passionate, intense, deep, decadent, filled with emotions and captivating vibes.

I rate it 10/10 and it’s an excellent album from the first track till the last one. I can listen to it easily a million times and don’t get bored of it not even a second !! Buy it at any rate !!

Top songs: “I Want You” (awesome melody and vocals), “Heart Shaped Scars” (beautiful ballad) and “Perfect Tonight” (quite explosive).

Reviewed by Vikie Martel on June 29th, 2006


1- Perfect Tonight
2- Love, Lust, Desire
3- Fire Within
4- Stranger In You
5- Heart Shaped Scars
6- Soul In Half
7- Killing Time
8- I Want You
9- King Of Pain
10- Zero

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