Artist/ Band: Land Of Chocolate
Title: Regaining The Feel
Label: Slipt Disc Records
Year of Release: 2004

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The Review:

I had the opportunity to review Land of Chocolate’s debut a few years ago and this one surpasses it with a maturity in songwritting and instrumentation. I thoroughly enjoy Regaining The Feel more so than Unikorn On A Cob, not because it was bad, just doesn’t flow as well as Regaining The Feel. On Regaining The Feel, Land of Chocolate dives into more of the jazz fusion with some Gentle Giant type vocals. There isn’t one song that I can call a favorite because they’re all good. To me it’s one of the few CDs I own that I can listen to it straight though in one sitting.

Musically they’re tighter than ever, and the musicians on this release bring forth the afore mentioned maturity in sound. I was fortunate enough to meet up briefly with guitarist John Covach earlier in the year in Hollywood when he was visiting the west coast. He’s not only a great guitarist but a all around nice guy.

People on the east coast that get to see LoC live are very lucky. This is a band that is going to be a classic prog band in years to come. They have all the right ingredients to do so. If you like your prog on the quirky side but not too far from a song based melodies then pick up a copy of Regaining The Feel from them or your favorite dealer soon..

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 25th, 2004


1. Film At 11
2. The Pursuit of Happiness
3. Killing With Kindness
4. Misanthropic Cattle
5. Regaining The Feel
6. Counting Sand
7. Red Pill
8. Military Mindset
9. Mechanical Pencil
10. Ungrateful

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