Band: Land of Chocolate
Title: "Unikorn on the Cob"
Label/Release date: Slip Disc Records - April 10th 2001

1. Musical Findings (8:35)
2. Waiting for the Go (3:55)
3. Double Standard Booth (6:56)
4. Walk Fast (4:16)
5. Upping the Ante (5:26)
6. We Love You Lots (5:10)
7. Broken Record (4:47)
8. Unicorn on the Kob (7:09) [instrumental]
9. Making Friends (6:24)
10. Self Control (7:25)

The Review:
LoC is a band that is very modern sounding, everywhere from heavy hitting metallic assaults to complex fusion to down right quirkness to some soothing soft ballads.

Produced excellently by Echolyn's own Brett Kull.

Jonn Buzby (Chris of Echolyn's brother) switches from drums (Finneus Gauge) to keyboards and lead vocals. Speaking of which, his vocals on "Making Friends" remind me of Faith No More/ Mr. Bungle's Mike Patton, with the opening line of "I'd like to punch your face..." this is one song that is quite quirky, the other one is "We Love You Lots".

"Waiting For The Go" has a jazzy sound to it.... with some complex drumming. "Double Standard Booth" is a heavy complex song with some jazzy interludes but somewhat straight-forward in parts.

"Up the Ante" is a heavy metallic assault that slows down into a nice mellow sound but soon returns to it's assualt.

"Self Control", is heavy symphonic, dramatic song...half neo/ half classic sounding.
"Musical Findings" has a Genesis sound ala Squonk but develops into a really heavy fusion and the instrumental, "Unikorn on the Cob" show cases what the band can do.
They slow things down on "Walk Fast" and "Broken Record", both songs are quite beautiful

I would highly recommend ths band to those who like their prog heavy (not prog metal) and complex.

Only thing similar to Echolyn is the drummer Jordan Perlson and the harmony style vocals through-out the disc.
~ Ron for [June 24, 2001]

Band Members:

Jordan Perlson - Drums, Backing Vox
John Jens - Bass & Chapman Stick
Brian O'Neill - Guitars & Backing Vox
Jonn Buzby - Lead Vox, Keyboards


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