Artist: Les Fradkin

Title: Reality: The Rock Opera

Produced by: Les & Loretta Fradkin

Label/ Date: RRO/ 2003

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Reality 1
1. Overture [4:27]
2. Reality [3:02]
3. Magic Attic [3:55]
4. You Can't Change Me [3:01]
5. 25 Women, So Little Time [5:19]
6. Reality Idol [2:51]
7. It's Plastic [2:13]
8. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow [4:52]

Reality 2
9. Everything Is Wrong [5:37]
10. Obsolete [6:31]
11. Rehearsals For Retirement [6:00]
12. Reality Check [0:24]
13. System Crash [7:13]
14. The Rebirth of Hope [3:04]
15. Together [4:09]

Alternate Reality
16. Rehearsals For Tomorrow [3:55]
17. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow [3:00]

The Review:

Les Fradkin is another one of those talented multi-instrumentalist who’s given the progressive/pop world a new concept album called "Reality-The Rock Opera". Reality is filled with songs addressing most of today’s current pop-culture and day-to-day concerns. Musically this is a classic "pop-rock opera" following in the traditions of such greats as Yes, Asia,The Moody Blues, Procol Harum, ELO and The Beatles. An interesting side note, Les played George Harrison on the “Beatlemania shows in America. More about that later.

Now for the important bio stuff. Les was born and raised in New York City, and has found success as a recording artist, composer and producer with various record labels. He also has played Guitar, Bass, Mellotron, Piano and Organ on dozens of hit records throughout the early 1970's , scoring many chart placings throughout his career.

Now back to the "Beatlemania" stuff! In 1976, Les was cast as George Harrison over thousands others to appear in the original cast of the smash hit Broadway musical "Beatlemania". He played as George in New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago. My wife was fortunate to have seen the Los Angeles show and she believes to have gotten Les’ autograph.

Fast forward to today, Les is now residing in Colorado, where he offers his new release "Reality-The Rock Opera". Les wrote all the music and co-wrote the lyrics and co-produced the CD with his wife, Loretta. In addition, Les sings all the vocals and plays Fender "Roland Ready" Stratocaster 6-string Guitar, Rickenbacker 12-string guitar, Rickenbacker 4-string & Dean12-string bass, Grand Piano, Organ, Mellotron, Roland Guitar synthesizers and Percussion.

Les’ influences are very obvious when you listen to “Reality but I’ll name a few that I heard. Asia, ELO, The Moody Blues and The Beatles come to mind. Now if this sounds good to you, please go to Les’ website (above) and purchase a copy for yourself.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 3rd, 2004

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