Artist: Legacy
Title: Where We Go...
Label/ Date: Self Release/ 2000

1. Take A Look At Yourself [5:37]
2. Choices [6:00]
3. Westworld: [7:24]
Object of Desire
4. Trappings: [8:29]
Ocean of Light
Cosmic Waltz
5. The Power [4:27]
6. Time Travellers [3:36]
7. No Where To Run: [5:45]
Trois Theme

Led by multi-instrumentalist & producer Mitch Hensdale, this symphonic keyboard driven prog band envokes the late 70's and Frank Hartis has the best vocal qualities of Phil Collins & Jon Anderson without copying either.
After several listens, the only draw back to the overall sound is the electronic drums that Mitch used; it's "tinny" sound sometimes make it abit difficult to really enjoy, especially "Take A Look At Yourself". The lyrics are very uplifting especially "Choices". All the songs are very good on this debut release, I can only see this band getting better.
Mitch has told me via email that they'll have a drummer (accoustic drums) on Legacy's next cd.
I believe this will also allow Mitch to shine as a great keyboardist in the Emerson/Wakeman tradition!
My favorite and perhaps a stand-out track is "West World", very well done keyboard textures.... it has a surrealistic dreamy feel to the intro.
I look forward to it and all the players are very good to excellent. I wish them all the best!
~ Ron at [June 6th, 2001]

Band Members
Frank Hartis: Lead Vocals
Mitch Hensdale: Keyboards, Acoustic Guitars, Drums And Percussion, Vocals
Ricky Chaffin: Guitars
Dale Black: Bass, Bass Synthesizer, Vocals
Kevin Best: Saxophone
Backing Vocals: Kristen Hensdale, Karen Steelman,Tammy Craven, Jennifer Lingle


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