Artist: Lark Echo

Title: In The Texture

Produced by: Lark Echo

Label/ Date: Brimstone/ 2003


1. Unwerthung [3:10]
2. The Prophecy [4:23]
3. Mind Your Head [5:22]
4. When the Evening Has Faded [4:38]
5. Welfare [3:43]
6. Noble [4:25]
7. Crime [4:15]
8. De Nihil [1:52]
9. Texture [4:42]
10. The Darkest Hour [3:12]
11. Production Line [4:52]
12. The U.S.E. 2019 [8:37]

The Review:

Lark Echo returns after a lengthy absence. Gone are the other musicians but Pasi has gained some experience. Over the years he has explored variations of symphonic and gothic music. With In The Texture, we find Herkhola playing all the instruments again. This time he explores the neo-prog genre. The first two of Lark Echoís releases had pop influences, but Pasi has finally crafted some dense, symphonic sounding music with a warmness that was absent before. Thereís even a hint of various influences that make fans both of the heavier prog/metal and the gentler folk-influenced European bands take notice.

Most of the song lengths fluctuate between the 4 and 5 minute mark, with a nice 9 minute song for the epic lovers. Pasi gives us some complex variations, which shows his maturity as a musician/songwriter. Unfortunately it might get overshadowed by the bigger more well known names in Prog but this is a surprise and a worthy addition to any progressive music fanís collection. Please get yourself a copy soon!

~Ron for [December 17th, 2003]

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Band Members:

P.J. Herkkola - Voclas, All instruments

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