Artist: Lark Echo

Title: Spring

Produced by: Pasi Herkkola

Label/ Date: Brimstone/ 1996


1. Spring
2. Privacy
3. A Kind of Prayer

The Review:

Pasi adds a band for this EP but it lacks the atmosphere that was explored on Lark Echo. It was obvisouly a short lived version of the band since Pasi returened in 2003 in a one-man band version. Musically, Spring is very pop oriented. Almost soft rock. One thing for the band, is they try to find their nitch in the music world. I think of the debut and Spring to be almsot a trial run for what;s to come.

~Ron for [December 17th, 2003]

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Band Members:

Toni Eronen - Bass
Kimmo Korhonen - Drums
Matti Aijanen - Guitars
Jyrki Lindlof - Keyboards
Pasi Herkkola - Vocals

Vesa-Matti Sutela - Viola

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